Marine Phytoplankton: The Sustainable Source of Omega-3 EPA

Phytoplankton are microscopic marine organisms. Through photosynthesis, they generate approximately 50% of the oxygen on earth, making them indispensable for life on earth. Marine micro-algae and phytoplankton are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which are essential to healthy metabolism and have been linked to healthy aging throughout life. As an excellent… Continue reading Marine Phytoplankton: The Sustainable Source of Omega-3 EPA

Khayyan and Emperatriz: The Story

INNOVATION • SUSTAINABILITY • TRACEABILITY • AUTHENTICITY • TRADITION Khayyan is recognized by hospitality groups and other culinary professionals for being the first company to introduce monovarietal EVOO to them. We led the conversation around an EVOO’s acidity, smoke point and polyphenol count among other characteristics which may influence flavor and expected consistency of certain… Continue reading Khayyan and Emperatriz: The Story

Why Seaweed is a Super Food: The Health Benefits of Using Seaweed

Of all the things that grow on this green Earth of ours, seaweed is surely one of its most curious plants. Scientifically called macroalgae, seaweed is widely used for a wide variety of purposes, from making food for animals and humans to developing certain pharmaceutical compounds and serving as a fertilizer for crops. You can… Continue reading Why Seaweed is a Super Food: The Health Benefits of Using Seaweed