DID YOU KNOW:  Sea Lettuce Seaweed the edible Weed The New Super Food Trend For 2018 This is our 2nd installment on Seaweed and will be talking about Sea Lettuce. But what is the big deal? Seaweed has been around for centuries, and has been consumed in many different ways, cooked, raw, dehydrated, but why… Continue reading SEA LETTUCE THE NEW SUPER FOOD



SEAWEED THE WORLDS OLDEST AND NEWEST SUPERFOOD One of the world’s last great renewable resources, seaweed is a cultural, culinary and environmental treasure. Seaweed has emerged on the global culinary stage as a new superfood and prepared the right way it can be absolutely delicious, and a natural product that is highly sustainable and extraordinarily nutritious. And… Continue reading DID YOU KNOW? SEAWEED

Don’t Need to Fake It, Let Nature Make It…

In view of global food trends such as the appetite for sustainably farmed produce and wellness through diet, combined with consumers’ demand for the adventure of different flavors, we believe the time is right to introduce unique every day products which will define peoples’ shift in interest in how food is grown, produced, packed and… Continue reading Don’t Need to Fake It, Let Nature Make It…

International Mediterranean Food Festival June 11, 2017

Mediterranean cuisine enthusiasts, paella lovers and foodies join us in the excitement of the 3rd annual International Mediterranean Food and Wine Festival at West New York, NJ where we bring together world-renown chefs from restaurants within the tristate area and abroad, our own USA grown Iberico Ham, Spanish beers and wines. Spectacular Flamenco shows and… Continue reading International Mediterranean Food Festival June 11, 2017

How to Choose Your Next Extra Virgin Olive Oil

On the heal of another fraud claim in the olive oil industry concerning the “false, misleading and scientifically unsubstantiated statements about olive oil sold in supermarkets" by Veronica Foods and seven New York-area Veronica-supplied retailers also named in the lawsuit filed by the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA), we provide a few pointers when buying… Continue reading How to Choose Your Next Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Christmas Baking With Olivar Santamaria Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil can make your holidays a little easier and lighter on both taste and belly. It is a great baking substitute for butter and when baking calls for canola or vegetable oil for cakes or for vegans or those with dairy allergies. Plus, it makes your cookies healthier and delicious with a… Continue reading Christmas Baking With Olivar Santamaria Extra Virgin Olive Oil