DID YOU KNOW:  Sea Lettuce Seaweed the edible Weed

The New Super Food Trend For 2018

This is our 2nd installment on Seaweed and will be talking about Sea Lettuce. But what is the big deal? Seaweed has been around for centuries, and has been consumed in many different ways, cooked, raw, dehydrated, but why so much attention now?

Well it is time to consume food that is not only good for you but that is also sustainable. And the expression “It grows like weeds” really applies. So gathering this food does good to its environment as it allows for more to grow.  Seaweed benefits people at all levels. Adds nourishment at a low cost. Seaweed is a source of UMAMI the “Fifth Taste” and integrated in every cuisine. It is a global ingredient!

But what is Sea Lettuce and why is it so good?

Ulva Lactuca is a type of seaweed and it is the greenest seaweed you will find in the ocean. I looks and feels flimsy and light but being 2 cell layers thick, it is a very tough weed. It has a “crumpled” appearance just like lettuce, thus the name Sea Lettuce.

Size: between 100mm – 300mm


Lettuce of the Sea (Ulva lactuca) is rich source of iodine, aluminum, manganese, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, iron and calcium. Green (Ulva) seaweed contains 27% protein, which is comprised of all 9 essential amino acids including Lysine which is the amino acid that is typically deficient in most vegans. It is also high in protein, and contains a plethora of essential Vitamins (A, C, E, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, B12, choline, biotin, folic acid and thiamin). Sea Lettuce provides considerable amounts of dietary fiber (31%), and because this seaweed is a good source of vitamin B-12 it is important for vegans and vegetarians.

With all these benefits, why should you include Sea Lettuce in your diet? So in order to make it easy for you, here are some ideas: Consume raw in salads or in creative ways cooking with rice and risotto, soups, meats and fish. It has distinctive sea flavor and odor. Also great when blended with salt and spruce up our fries!

Used by chefs and home cooks Sea Lettuce is the new and improved Super Food of 2018
Prepared by Executive Chef Christopher Zabita  at Society Café at the Walker Hotel

Sea Lettuce by Chef Chris Zabita
Yellowfin Tuna, Sea Lettuce, Bok Choy, Carrot, coconut ginger



Khayyan Specialty Foods has recently introduced its new super food to the American food market with the introduction of a line of Organic Seaweed (Algae) from the clean frigid waters of the Galician Coast of Spain, hand harvested in its natural environment insuring sustainability of the plants’ survival and natural state of existence. 

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