Wakame Seaweed


One of the world’s last great renewable resources, seaweed is a cultural, culinary and environmental treasure. Seaweed has emerged on the global culinary stage as a new superfood and prepared the right way it can be absolutely delicious, and a natural product that is highly sustainable and extraordinarily nutritious.

And you may have been missing out on this dense green or brown sea vegetable packed with ANTIOXIDANTS, and a wide range of VITAMINS and MINERALS.

  • A rich source of ZINC helps boost immunity reducing risk of illness and infection.
  • Seaweed manages blood sugar disorders containing CHROMIUM and PROTEIN which help normalize blood sugar levels aiding in the management and cure of diabetes.
  • FUCOIDAN a SULPHATED POLYSACCHARIDE found in seafood has shown to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, asthma, celiac disease and depression.
  • Being rich in CHLOROPHIL a pigment that gives seaweed its green color, acts as a natural DETOXIFIER that helps flush out waste products from our bodies.
  • Seaweed helps prevent cellulite buildup in the body, the concentration of IODINE helps stimulate the thyroid gland, which is responsible for maintaining healthy metabolism.

Need more reasons to include seaweed in your diet?  Start using one of the world’s greatest renewable resources and culinary treasure ready to be re-discovered.

Stay tuned for our DID YOU KNOW series about seaweed and its culinary use.



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