Don’t Need to Fake It, Let Nature Make It…

In view of global food trends such as the appetite for sustainably farmed produce and wellness through diet, combined with consumers’ demand for the adventure of different flavors, we believe the time is right to introduce unique every day products which will define peoples’ shift in interest in how food is grown, produced, packed and sourced. Our advantage at Khayyan Specialty Foods is (a) all our portfolio of ingredients are sustainably produced with strict adherence to tradition and heritage, and (b) our cutting edge new varieties of ingredients such as our line of algae adhere to organic and biodynamic principles.

At Khayyan, we encourage our hospitality clients and chef partners to share as much as possible the eco-friendly and authentic healthy ingredients of their menus. Today’s patrons are looking for menu offerings that take them back onto the farm, into nature, and to the cherished traditions of cultivation. The gravitation towards true organic foods and natural ingredients is influencing the food industry to have menus tell their unique stories; the What, Where and How. Transparency in labeling and the message on how a completed meal is constructed is a huge issue for today’s diners, so the categorizing and indicating of eco-friendly and healthy ingredients being used in menus and consumed, tell a story and create experiences to be remembered and revisited.

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