New: Paprika from La Vera

Announcing the newest addition to our product family!


Paprika and Spices

Great products are very hard to find – it took Khayyan two years to find this one!  We’re very proud to introduce the newest addition to our product list: Sweet and Hot Smoked Paprika.

You’ve tasted smoked paprika before but we’re confident you’ve never tasted anything like this paprika that we found in La Vera.  Why?  I’m glad you asked.

The cultivation of peppers for paprika was introduced in La Vera in the sixteenth century by the San Jeronimo monks of the Yuste monastery. Our paprika is a direct descendant of the original Yuste spice, and is obtained by grinding mature ripe and dried peppers and then gently smoking them over oak.

This centuries old process generates sufficient heat to dehydrate and smoke the pepper perfectly giving this exquisite Smoked Paprika its unique aroma and flavor profile as well as its vibrant deep red color.

  • Denomination of Origin: La Vera (Extremadura, Spain)
  • Paprika Varietal: The peppers belong to the Capsicum Annum family and careciforme and piper longum sub-species.
  • Intensity: Sweet or Hot and Smoky
  • Recommended use: Fish, Chicken, Meats and all stews to add that delicious paprika flavor
  • Aroma and Flavor: obtained using a traditional smoke-drying system
  • Size: 750 grams, 70 grams and set of 3 – Sweet, Hot and Semisweet

For more information write to us!

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